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We manufacture in our factory is 25,000 m2 with a new concept home concept.

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INEGOL FURNITURE INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED AREA In 1999, the Bursa plant in Turkey in the branding process was established which was Launched in. 2005 “AREA” brand has been registered. AREA family as happiness given by reaching prematurely or goals and Rapidly, the number of customers have received the order to the mountain to be able to give a good answer, more comfortable and in order to create a comfortable working environment for 15,000 m2 of covered area of 10,000 m2 open our factory has a total of 25,000 m2, including the area of German and Italian origin of the machinery has Reached 1,200 sets monthly production capacity is Gradually Increasing..
Constantly changing according to decoration and fashion sense, apart from our stylish and trend following models, we think it would be a good start for our new factory to add new ones. With the new understanding of our factory HOME CONCEPT: bedroom, dining room, wall units, TV units, sofa sets, sofa sets and coffee to produce appropriate models of them. Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, our respect for the environment, quality, health, keeping us in the forefront of environmental concepts and it has enabled us to create the appropriate corporate policies. It is our company policy: Anytime the most stylish, most secure, that aim to produce the most reliable and durable furniture..
MDF is used in the products and fiberboard. AREA branded products, the TSE is guaranteed for 2 years. sideband plate as ABS materials are used in products. sideband used in the products, hinges, handles, screws, rail and connection equipment is supplied from the expert company in the field. quality control of all products are made strictly by the relevant departments on a regular basis. In after-sales service for spare parts and service needs of all types and it has a practical speed. professional experience and start our sales personnel with experience in the field would like to thank you for our trade are likely, in the coming days we hope to sign the nice success..