With the excitement of the first day for 22 years

Commercially named, INEGOL ALAN MOBILYA SANAYI LIMITED SIRKETI, was established in 1999 in Inegol / Bursa / Turkey. In 2005, ‘’AREA’’ was registered as a branding name of the company.

The factory was built on 25.000 sqm on which 15.000 sqm is indoor, 10.000 sqm is outdoor. The joy of achieving goals step by step contributed our enthusiasm on responding our customers need rapidly and enabled us improving the capacity of production line with a professional stuff and latest technology German and Italian machines on which 1.200 sets are produced monthly.

We are expanding our product collection according to the needs of the day by following the latest fashion and analyzing the expectances of the customers. In the production line, we are producing Whole Home Concept including Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Sofa Sets, Wall Units, Coffee Tables and Side Tables under the same roof. Health and Safety at work, environmental impact and quality are the major principles among our policy which is aiming for producing safe, healthy, durable and stylish furniture.

MDF, Melamine, Solid wood, ABS edge bands are being used as raw materials. All products are TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certificated and have 2 years warranty. In the supplying raw materials process such as edge bands, hinges, handles, screws, rails and affixing equipment our priority is to deal with specialized companies in their field. The quality control departments meticulously working on products for you to receive hassle free furniture from our company. Also, we trust our Service after Sales team on being problem solver, practical and quick.


Area, which stepped into the sector under the name of Alan Furniture in 1999, was established in İnegöl, the capital of furniture. Aiming to provide a luxurious experience to its guests with a passion that goes beyond the pursuit of comfort, quality and originality; Considering the changing decoration trends, it adds strong concepts to living spaces with the same belief and determination every new day. It has been offering coffee tables and accessory designs suitable for the energy of all living spaces, along with bedrooms, dining rooms, wall units, sofa sets, to the world for 22 years. Area, which integrates trust, quality and aesthetics as a determining factor, into its corporate culture; With its production philosophy that blends advanced technologies and current trends, it takes firm steps towards becoming a world brand with determination.


Area’s philosophy includes a consistent organization in its internal dynamics. This philosophy, built on the right effort, the right goal and the right belief; It is built on being a loyal brand ambassador of Turkish furniture in all geographies of the world. Area prioritizes the satisfaction of its business partners with whom it cooperates with ethical commercial concerns; it recognizes as a strong value to carry comfort and quality to every house it visits. Area; While starting the production process on the basis of originality and comfort in each of its creations, it bears the responsibility of a trust-based brand identity by making both the pre-purchase process and post-purchase service as solution-oriented as possible for its guests.


To create an original, distinguished and comfortable design tradition in living spaces. At the same time, the tradition that it is fed; To act with a pioneering brand image in the protection of its resources and values.


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